1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Operators in certain regulated markets are now held responsible for their affiliate's marketing strategies but the sheer volume of pages that need to be be monitored - on an ongoing basis - makes it impractical for most programs to do this. There are several tools out there such as Rightlander who monitor the affiliate websites for brand references and links, words and phrases or a combination of events. It is important to note that Rightlander itself does not make compliance decisions: it simply provides the affiliate and operators with a list of locations where these conditions do or don't exist. The reports are also made available to affiliates free of charge.

    There are 3 main advantages to letting Rightlander compliance scan your site:

    1. Our operators can evaluate your site much more quickly, meaning you can potentially receive authorisation to market them faster
    2. You get to see what the operators require of you and a list of any page URLs on your site that may be deemed non-compliant, with reasons
    3. It shows operators that you can be trusted to engage in the compliance process

    Unlike search engine crawlers, Rightlander does not store the bulk of your content...it works in real-time. It does store small excerpts of text as reference points, for example the anchor text you use to link to a brand, allowing you and the operator to quickly locate brand links, references and any issues identified.

  2. The Crawler In accordance with crawler etiquette, the Rightlander crawler identifies itself in the UserAgent string (see below). We only send one crawler to scan a site initially and it is designed to crawl at a fairly slow speed (typically 1 page every 3-4 seconds on the average affiliate site) to avoid putting unnecessary strain on slow servers. On large sites, a second crawler can be dispatched if the crawl has more than 5,000 pages waiting. The crawler works sequentially, only crawling one page at a time and usually visits each site once a month.

  3. Events Diary We are very aware that many sites cater for big sporting or recreational events and the crawler would not be a particularly welcome guest at these times. We have created an Events Diary where we can block off dates to avoid sending the crawler to your site. We cater for the big events (the Cheltenham Festival, Grand National, the Derby and the World Cup Final for example) but if you have any specific events you would like us to add, please email crawler@ (rightlander . net) with details.

  4. Whitelisting/Blocking The Rightlander Crawler You may choose to allow or exclude the crawler using the UserAgent string below. If you choose to block Rightlander, we will inform the operators that you do not wish to be compliance scanned and prevent them from submitting your site for scans. If you have any questions for Rightlander regarding the crawler, please email crawler@ and we will respond accordingly.

    Finally, please note that if you block Rightlander, we will not be able to monitor the landing pages you send traffic to if up have signed up for that service.

  5. Rightlander UserAgent String Rightlander uses the following UserAgent string to identify itself:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2311.135 (https://www.rightlander.net/crawler_info.php, Compliance Crawler) Safari/537.36 Edge/12.246

    If you have chosen to block Rightlander, we strongly suggest that you use the UserAgent string above: IP addresses can change and blocking those does not guarantee we won't scan your site at some point in the future if we change servers.

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