Affiliate Site Compliance Scanning

8,322,501 Unique affiliate pages scanned in the past 30 days


Automatic Site Scanning Solution

As i-Gaming becomes more regulated, assisting affiliate partners to ensure compliance is a must. Rightlander scans affiliate sites using IPs in the relevant territory looking for brands and custom-defined words and phrases to help both affiliates and operators identify issues pre-emptively.

Rightlander benefits for operators:

  • Request regular compliance monitoring of affiliate websites with downloadable CSV reports (also made available to affiliates)
  • Be notified when Rightlander scans discover sites linking to you that you were unaware of
  • See where your brands are mentioned or linked, any anchor text used & images that are being used to link
  • Define 'non-compliant' conditions that scans can refer to when searching & alert you to when found

A selection of reports currently available include:

  • Link Report: Pages where links to brands are found with anchor text
  • Creative Report: Pages that link to brands with self-hosted creative
  • Brand Report: Pages where a brand is mentioned but not necessarily linked
  • Compliance Violations Report: potential issues based on compliance events defined by the operator


Features & Benefits

  • Lack of resources & defined processes to thoroughly scan & monitor our affiliates for compliance
  • Affiliates don't always tell you where they link to you from & often promote us on multiple sites
  • Time-intensive process to manually monitor webpages, with risk for inaccuracy & incomprehensiveness
  • We need to capture & archive data that demonstrates our affiliates are compliant at any given moment
  • Rightlander continually scans your affiliate's websites to monitor for non-compliant text, phrasing, creative & media
  • Rightlander's web scanner finds sites that link to you that you were unaware of & imports them into your account automatically
  • Rightlander comprehensively scans millions of affiliate web pages 100's of times faster - & more accurately - than manual processes
  • Rightlander's compliance reporting tools capture & store affiliate website data in an easy-to-sort exportable CSV file


  • Just £500 per brand, per month
  • Receive compliance reports: linking images, non-compliant anchor text, time sensitive CTAs
  • Can alert you when outdated bonuses, promotions or T&Cs are found
  • Receive content alerts either daily, weekly or monthly
  • Provides lists of pages on affiliate sites where your brand is linked or referenced
  • Rightlander's "Site Discovery" module finds sites that link to or reference your brand that you were unaware of
  • Active site monitoring: know when sites that link to you cease to exist
  • Custom reports and alerts can be created to find specific events and conditions on request (prices vary)
  • Overseas territory scanning from up to 40 countries and most US States
  • Custom pricing plans for companies with multiple brands
  • Scans affiliate sites in bingo, casino, sports, lottery, e-sports, poker, forex and other related verticals
* A terrtitory is defined as a country or a US State.