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Rightlander's iGaming affiliate site compliance scans constantly monitors affiliate sites reporting on potentially non-compliant content. Affiliates and operators can view reports which help them to quickly identify compliance issues and take the appropriate action.


  • Continually scans affiliate sites monitoring for non-compliant materials
  • Helps identify non-compliant text, creative and media campaigns
  • Significantly speeds up the process of compliance-checking affiliate sites
  • Helps affiliates demonstrate professionalism to operators
  • Helps operators demonstrate to regulators that that they are taking action
  • Decodes cloaked affiliate links such as bit.ly and other shortform links
  • Reports affiliate tags in both visible and cloaked links
  • Identifies and reports anchor text used in brand links
  • Identifies unofficial images and old banners that are being used
  • Identifies pages containing 'brand mentions' where no links are present
  • All data provided in CSV reports for easy actioning and data archiving **
  • Reports available from as little as 1 hour* from the scan request being submitted
  • From just £1 per affiliate site compliance report (free for affiliates).

* Dependent on the number of pages being scanned and the job queue.


Rightlander scans affiliate domains and other pages that refer traffic to operators looking for links and brand mentions to iGaming operators. Operators who have subscribed to Rightlander are then provided with the compliance reports, catalogued by domain. It presents a CSV report for each site listing every page that it finds that matches this criteria, listing page locations, anchor text, image URLs for images used as anchor and link redirection paths.

As the compliance landscape and the requirements become more defined, Rightlander will work with operators to evolve the product to suit your requirements as best we can, with our ultimate aim being to provide you with a product that meets your ongoing affiliate compliance needs.


AFFILIATES: Create a free account and submit your first URL. Compliance reports are free to affiliates with a Rightlander account and who have verified ownership of the domain during the account creation process.

OPERATORS: Please send us an email to discuss your requirements. Pricing is £1 per site report (based on reporting for a single brand).